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Dec. 13th, 2013 03:07 pm
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I thought I would take a bit of time out of the [ profile] writers_loft's members' days to let you all know about a new online venue that is set to appear on the scene next year. It's called 'Creator and the Catalyst' and proposes to be a venue for online publishing, a place for audio productions of original work and a forum for posting work for review and critique.

There's a wide range of genre and sub-genre represented at the forum from a good range of people with varying capacities to write. I'm somewhere about the middle, so nobody need feel intimidated by the fellow contributors. There will be writing workshops and there's a monthly writing event that sets a topic for you to write on.

The genres include:

Art works of various styles and types

Audio Comedy
Pro section for audio comedy productions by our membership's talent.

Audio Essays
Pro section for audio essays, produced from our member's original literature.

Audio Poetry
Pro section for audio poetry, produced from our member's original literature.

Audio Stories
Pro section for audio stories, produced from our member's original literature.

Celebrity and Author Interviews
Articles and audio/video interviews with celebrities, professional talent and commercial authors.

Creative Journals
Membership may use this section to log step by step developments of their creative work.

Essay Literature
Essay Literature

Fiction Literature: Action Adventure
Action Adventure Literature

Fiction Literature: Comedy
Comedy Literature

Fiction Literature: Fantasy
Fantasy Literature

Fiction Literature: General Fiction
Category for stories not fitting into any other genre.

Fiction Literature: Horror
Horror Literature

Fiction Literature: Mystery
Mystery Literature

Fiction Literature: Romance
Romance Literature

Fiction Literature: Science Fiction
Science Fiction Literature

Fiction Literature: Westerns
Western literature

Instruction in all areas of creative endeavors.

Media Store Shopping
Professional products created by membership talent can be purchased in this online store.

Message Boards
Member on-site communication

Movie Production Values
The stagecraft elements of film making.

CD music tracks by site professional musicians and groups.

Poetry Literature
Poetry Literature

Media products, member's products and creative work reviews.

Site Administration
Site business development through membership collaborative involvement.

Site and Talent Related Articles
Magazine style articles on site related news, projects and member talent promotion.

Site News
Site information and events.

Art and literature are submitted through this subforum.

Talent Promotion
Celebrating member's accomplishments and commercial achievements.

The Creator and the Catalyst Digital Magazine
A monthly publication of quality professional media entertainment by our membership.

The Impressionists
This section is for voice demos and sample voice impressions by voice artists of celebrities, accents and original characters.

The Writing Workshop
Activities to increase writer's skill, style and technical abilities

Writing Events
Monthly writing events.

(As you can see there's no 'Play' or 'Screenplay' topic but I'm working on that. The exigencies of the bulletin board format make the format of plays and screenplays a bit problematic.)

The Poetry Literature topic also includes my attempt to resurrect 'The Saga of Bjorn: The World's Longest Poem' from its old days on the Trumalia forum in 2007.

Come over to and have a look. If you like what you see, join up. It's going to make 2014 a lot of fun. Serious, serious fun.


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