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What truly influenced my first post is the discarded thank-you card I came along on a walk this evening.  It was half-hidden beneath a mash of rotting leaves and some trash, but the pop of pink color caught my eye and I fished it out from the muck.  Half of it was almost too fragile to open, but after a minute of work, I found the insides revealed only a blur stain of blue pen with one line legible; the closure.  "With love, Ann  -- Tell Jean I'm sorry."
The face of the card is not overly ornamented.  The colors are pink and brown with some sections polka-dotted and others striped.  It's not expensive looking, but it's not shabby, either.  I couldn't help but wonder what the story was behind this discarded memory.  Scenes of sibling rivalries, friendships gone awry, and random stretches of guilt, anger, and betrayal ran through my head.

In the end, I thought it might be a fun writing activity to do, so I thought I'd post this to a few communities and see who'd tackle a short-story-esque, fill-in-the-blank history for my little discovery.  If there are no takers, I'm glad to post if only to remind us all that muse can come in small, unlikely packages.
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Okay, so I'm on my hundred billionth "first draft" (mostly false starts and do-overs and a little bit of "taking out the trash" haha). Just now I brainstormed about 20 characters.

Going to try to flesh them out tomorrow.

And then...


I need help keeping it all straight. But I AM thinking that if I can flesh out my characters each, they can each tell me a thing or two about how they connect to another one or more characters, and I'll hopefully be able to build on my story that way.

I still need a lot of assistance, though. This is exactly as lonely a sport as everyone would have me believe, but that's why I feel it's that much more necessary to have one or two people helping to keep me in check along the way!

Is anyone willing to help a dude like me with my story a little bit?

What next?

Apr. 10th, 2011 12:59 am
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Hello everybody. I have been a member for a while but this is my first post. I have recently finished writing a novel. I'm very happy with it , it's solid, lacks awful story crevices and I believe in it. I'd say the style is dystopian soft science fiction. I was just wondering what should I do now? That may seem like a strange question but how do I go about getting my novel out there? I've focused on writing for so many years that I'm not sure what to do now.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have been a long time lurker on here and finally got up the courage to post. 
This is a short extract from my new project (yet to be named). Long story short, it's about a serial killer and his house mate. I won't give away any more because, really, you don't need it.

All I ask is that you glance over this, give me your suggestions (grammer, characters etc) and comment. I am pleased with it but not entirely happy. It is only a draft, and I am determined to finish it, but it would be lovely to get some opinions and advice.

"Delightful. I suppose I owe you a thank you for not turning me away?" )
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I was reading about the biggest serial killers (I'm heavily interested in criminal psychology) and when reading the chapter on Son of Sam, I was inspired to write a story. If you don't know, Son of Sam was a prolific serial killer in New York who targeted couples. He wrote to the newspapers as well, and one journalist, Jimmy Breslin started a column and wrote back. I decided to take this idea and create a longer and more personal correspondence from the newspaper.

My serial killer is named James Handen. I changed my journalist to just an advice columnist rather than someone who gets the stories etc. Her name is Annabelle Bailey (and her column is "Dear Annabelle").

Okay, so I put what I have so far in the best order I have for now. The first three letters in this entry are in exact order, and the rest of them are chronological but with a lot of space in between them.

Dear Annabelle )

And from here the letters are spaced out widely on a vague timeline...

Once upon a time )

I looked at you and I felt something strange. )

I am also wondering if you think I should keep the point of view all documentation (letters, news stories, police reports/notes, the criminal profile, etc) OR if I should have it from an actual person's viewpoint (Annabelle, Handen, an investigator, a victim, an uninvolved civilian, etc).

Also, any suggestions on where to set this story would be great too. I want it to be in a big city, but not in New York like Son of Sam and Jimmy Breslin were. Any input is appreciated! :)
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I want to make sure the fear is being put across as i should be for my story, because theres going to be a lot of bullying, nervousness and tenseness portrayed.
I want it be as extreme as i can get it, because this is based on things that have really happened to me and i feel my heart speed up a little, my hands shake a bit thinking about what happened. It had to really have shaken me even though i can only remember certain bits to make me react like this only six years later.


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 I would like to receive feedback on this chapter, as I would like to hear some suggestions for future installments of this story.

Title: Walkabout
Rating: PG13 to R
Warnings: Violence, grotesque imagery, dark themes
Summary: Hyde and Anne continue their lonely trek through a ruined America

Excerpt:  "The lonely highway had led them to a small town. A bent and rusted shopping cart lay on its side in a vacant parking lot.
The sky was blanketed with gray clouds that seemed to suck the color out of the landscape. A faint echo of thunder rang out in the distance every few minutes."

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 Want to have your work reviewed and critiqued with the chance of winning a cash prize??

DC/Hollywood Entertainment Media Workshop Presents its First Script Writing Competition

CA$H PRIZE for the best Short Script

Send questions and copyrighted works to acrawford@howard.edu by March 31, 2011 at 11:59 EST

Vigilant Cinema Productions

Mr. Darling

Feb. 1st, 2011 03:20 pm
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I'm kind of looking for a critique or whatever on this because I've never written something like this before and I want to know how I did.

Title: Mr. Darling
Rating: R
Warnings: rape, dark themes, dystopia, bittersweet ending 

Prompt(s): dystopias; "What would it be like to live in a world where we didn't respect our environment, our homes, our schools, our roads, or each other?"

Summary: In Erica’s world there was no such thing as a good person. Respect and integrity were obsolete – things only mentioned in the fairytales no one wanted to read. Erica read fairytales. It was a foolishly courageous thing to do.

Things are not always as they seem :: Let's start the world over )
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We haven't played this game for a while.

The Pick Up line/Opening Line/First line Game

Post the first line of the main story or stories that you are working on.

Then, those of us reading them can reply with:
Does it or doesn't it make you want to read more?

And for the fun of it:
Guess the genre?
Guess what happens next?
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Format: Story part 1
Length: 2100 words, give or take
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Adventure,Post Apocalyptic

Summary:  Several years after a horrible disaster destroyed civilization. Wild dogs stalk the empty city streets looking for food. Humanity has been reduced to bands of survivors wandering the countryside. A  teenage boy and his young sister struggle to survive in this harsh, lawless world.

Walkabout part 1 )
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I'm a new member, Ela. I've been lurking for some time. There are a lot of stories without comments here. If a writer wants comments on a story, it would be wise to help the reader to decide to read the story.
  • First, summary is essential. The reader needs a reason to move to the story.
  • Second, it would help if, in the summary, a genre (and sub-genre) would be included. The reader might decide on that fact only.
  • Third, the location of the excerpt should be included. The reader needs to know if she/he is reading the opening chapter or some other part of the story. If it's not the opening chapter some info should be there about the events leading to the excerpt.

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Rivulets of water slowly ran down my face, leaving a moist trail that stopped by my quivering lips. Eyelashes, damp with tears slowly opened, black smears of mascara coated the bottom of my eyes as I struggled to control myself. The bitter chill wrapped around me like a cocoon, threatening to tear the bouquet of flowers away that was held in my limp hand. I stifled a scream that clawed its way up my throat as I laid my eyes upon the mass of people who wore the traditional clothes of mourning. Faces blurred together until I couldn't distinguish the pitied looks that were thrown my way.



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Well, hi

I've been writing a bit and intend to write more. My story is not really fiction - really not fiction - and I'm quite curious as to what people think of it.

Also, help on my English would be very much appreciated :)

Read on the first post here @ [livejournal.com profile] eloquophobia
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This is my first post here and I would like to get some feedback on my story called "Auryn - The golden land". This is my first original story kind of. This story was originally written in Swedish, but I have translated it to English for people whom read it here on LJ. I'll post the first four parts of the description of the landscape, faith and so forth. I'm pretty bad at translating, so bare with me!

This part contains all the four parts I've posted on my livejournal at the moment.  I've also posted the original in Swedish in some of the posts for those who'd like to read that. I put the story behind a cut to shorten it on the front page. And also, it's posted in fictionwriters too if someone sees it over there.

Some lovely comments are welcome!
I'm anxious to hear what you have to say!

Click here to
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This follows a previous entry. You can find it here: http://shoelace009.livejournal.com/102324.html .
I think it is better if you read the entry but you don't have to in order to get it.


Heat seared towards me on the tails of red sparks. I was in the wrong end of a firework shot towards the ground rather than away from it. It felt like one of those moments you see in an apocalypse movie. I was going to die. We all were. But when I looked up at the woman, I noticed her eyes for the first time. Large, but not in a looming kind of way. They were black but a gentle black with a twinkle, like a diamond sat in each of them. You'd think she would have realized what she had done. You'd think there would be an expression of guilt, or at least one of panic. But nothing. She just waited.

And then the shower fell to the earth all around the awning. It looked like handfuls of sparklers falling to the ground and extinguishing in puddles. Steam curled up in snakelike tendrils from where each spark had landed. There was some hissing for a bit and then nothing. Silence except for a dented pop can being pushed across the pavement down the street.

I thought that when I looked up she would be gone, like she had never been there. Just a constellation outlining a shape I had imagined. But she was, and was staring down at me knowlingly, like we had known each other my whole life. She smiled and I saw rows of pearls, real pearls.

Arori, I thought. I didn't understand where that came from. My name is Arori. I looked over my shoulder for somebody. Up here. She smiled again.

"Oh." Very eloquent response of course.

She nodded and turned away from me, spreading pink, orange, and yellow across the sky. It was most vibrant in the east and faded out into the west where she sat on the silver edge. Goodnight. But, it's almost morning. I heard a laugh that sounded like a short melody. Maybe for you.

The lady waved a few multicolored fingers then hung onto the moon as it flipped around and the sun began to rise above a cloud like a child slowly peering out from under the blankets in the morning.

[Possibly to be continued.]
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hear and exchange ideas, possibly build upon some of the ones I've been working on as well.

Thanks in advance.

Name's Billy.
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Title: The Blue Magician
Author: me! aka Craig [livejournal.com profile] famguyrules90 
Format: Story Part 9 & 10
Length: 3000ish
Status: WIP
Rating: PG13 (i'm unsure), Part ten a little more NC-17.
Genre: Fantasy, Slash, M/M, Magic
Warnings: Also contains some strong language. All the characters and places etc are my property and completely fictional, any resemblence to real life or existing fiction is completely coincidental and unauthorised duplication is prohibited. Also there may be errors, typos etc.

Summary: James lives in Yerin, near the ocean, where it is illegal to be a magician in the lower classes, and social suicide to be a Samer (Gay), unfortunately, James is both.Outcast from his town, James finds himself in the midst of a centuries old conflict and it's up to him to solve the crisis. Can he keep his magic secret? And will he ever find love? As usual it's unedited and advice/ comments is encouraged etc.

Part 9
Part 10


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