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When you contact an agent in the hope that they will represent you there are some specific things you need to do and more things you should never do if you want to have your stuff read and to keep from coming off looking like a doofus, jerk or psycho.

1. Include a SASE (self addressed, stamped, envelope).
2. Be polite.
3. Proofread.
4. Spell the agent's name correctly.
5. Direct your inquiry to the correct person.
6. Make sure that the agent you are contacting represents what you are writing (go find their website and look).
7. Make sure you follow the agent's particular submission guidelines to the letter (see their website).

1. Include stupid stuff with your correspondence (i.e. glitter, scented paper, lingerie, food, money, photographs, nude photographs...are you getting the idea?)
2. If you are submitting via email, do NOT send any attachments. It will clog the agent's email, annoy the agent off and cause the agent to delete your stuff completely unread.
3. Never send your full manuscript unless the agent asks you for it.
4. If you get a rejection letter do NOT fire off a nasty letter and blast the agent, this is unprofessional and you WILL get a bad name.
5. If you get a rejection letter do NOT bad mouth the agent all over the internet. The web is a lot smaller than you think and that agent and all of his or her pals surf the net and read what people say. See above note about professionalism.
6. Don't nag the agent if they have your stuff. Go to their web site and find out how it takes them to respond on average.
7. Never blanket email a bunch of agents in one email, they hate that. Send one email per agent. That's using your nice manners.
8. Don't send something that hasn't been proofread and polished to the best of your ability.
9. Don't use cute paper or silly fonts, just be plain and normal.
10. Don't try to be cute or gimmicky, it almost always fails.

Anybody have any more to add?


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