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I wanted to pop in and clarify what is and what isn't considered an advertisement.

One of the ideas behind [livejournal.com profile] writers_loft  is to gather together interesting writing information and helpful bits in one location (or fewer locations) so we don't have to chase all over the internet for it.

>Links to outside articles are ok but do try to put in a little description of what the article is about and even better write some thoughts about the article of your own to encourage a discussion here.

>Plugs for a community for the sole purpose of soliciting new members is considered an advertisement and is not encouraged.

If you want to make people aware of your community and if it has to do with writing, cross-post your entry. What is cross-posting? It is when you post the same entry in multiple places and cite that fact at the bottom of your post like this:

Cross-posted [livejournal.com profile] writers_loft , Your Comm/Journal Here

Note: I reserve the right to pull any post that is a blatant plug, spam or is not writing related.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Mod
Edited for HTML fail. Twice. Hee.
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This is a reminder: Please be kind and use lj cuts for your chapters, snippets and poetry.

I can't edit your entries and put the cuts in for you, alas, so you will have to do it yourselves or risk having the entry removed.

This is how you hand code an LJ cut:
<***lj-cut text="insert your personal 'read more' blurb here"> The actual text block you wish to hide behind the cut <***/lj-cut>

***remove the three asterisks to make it work properly.


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