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We were just recently assigned to do a 5-10 page short story in my English class, and I was wondering: Does anyone else feel pressure when it comes to writing as schoolwork? :/

There's so many things that weigh down on me when I'm writing anything for school. Especially for this assignment in particular.

a.) It has to be as flawless as I would make any of my personal stories. I always keep a dictionary and thesaurus at hand, triple-check my words, and proofread like a mad woman. And I do this even when I know my classmates are just writing with a detached: "Joe ran. He likes to run. It felt awesome. The end."

b.) The deadline always freaks me out. I mean, I've never finished a story that wasn't for school. NEVER! D:> For our short story, we had about three days to write a rough draft and only ONE to write down the summary. Which to some is fine, but I hadn't even thought of a decent plot line. And I knew I'd have to use up my personal time to research some satisfactory names, plot-hole fillers, etc.

The final draft is due Monday (we got lucky because a power-outage destroyed a lot of the work we did in school) but I'm pretty much done. The only reason I managed to finish so much, though, is because I took it home and worked on it there. And if you knew me, you'd know it's incredibly out of character for me to do ANY SCHOOLWORK at home, much less DAYS before the due date. My mom was verbally aghast: "You did something without waiting to the last minute?!"

But nevertheless, I feel frustrated that I could've just written it like my classmates did, but couldn't bring myself to do so. And the worst part, I don't even want to be a writer when I grow up! It's just something I do passively in my spare time! It's crazy! x'D

So basically, I'm just curious. Does anyone else do this as well? Are you able to make yourself write like an regular person, or do you obsess over every word? If you do, is it out of pride or just because you can't bring yourself not to? Do you write better or worse when under pressure?
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Okay, so I'm just so confused right now. And I want your guyses advice on what to do. My book involves vampires and yes they are teenagers at a school. Sounds like Twilight doesn't it. Well I don't want it to sound like Twilight. I want it to be my own (with secret agents and strong, independant women), and I have had some people suggest that I change them to adults, so that they're older and more mature.

And I don't know which to choose. I've been thinking about it and I just can't decide, so I'm holding a poll. If you pick yes or no please tell me why in the comment box. Thank you.

[Poll #1444798]


- Rosie
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So, I have this screen play I've been writing for script frenzy (google it), but I don't know what should happen next. I'm not even really sure what's going on currently, but there you have it.

Share ideas pls? )

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Hi all!

I've been writing for a while now (years, in fact). I'm an English Literature student at Uni (Gothic and Classics), so I adore reading and writing. But I have a bit of a problem that I'd like some advice on how to handle. If this isn't allowed here, please delete it =)

I'm terribly bad at handling criticism, but I want to be able to take suggestions because I am aware that I'm a mediocre writer. Any advice on how to take things better? I realise people aren't doing it to hurt my feelings, but I think I'm just too attached to my work.

Again, I'm sorry if this isn't allowed.
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I've run across several posts lately about people having trouble finishing the stories they start. The common problems seem to be that they either lose interest after a while or they can't figure out what happens next and they can't finish.

Hi, I'm ariedraconia and I have trouble finishing the stories that I start too. I'm great at starting them but lousy at actually, you know, getting to the end.

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