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World Building 2: When Reality Trumps "Um, it works 'cause...it's magic!" or Why Those Social Science, History and Science Classes Are Useful.

Things to think about like do your climates and geography make sense? Are your population centers viable?

1. Are your villages, towns, cities located in realistic places? Like near a water source, a crossroads, a port, a day's walk from the next village or town?

2. Yes, farmers have to exist even in a fantasy world and food has to come from somewhere. Is there enough farmland and/or other food resources to feed your population?

3. If wood is a resource in your world, are there enough woodlands to sustain a population using it for heating, building and etc? If wood isn't a resource on your world, what alternatives do you have?

4. Are the physical features on your map sensible? Is there a water source like permanently snow capped mountains to feed rivers and lakes or springs for creeks? Do your rivers flow downhill?

5. Does your climate actually support your terrain? Is there enough rainfall to support life or a forest? No rain forests where the weather is hot and sunny all the time?

6. Does your flora and fauna work in the climate? Are your fruits and veggies climate appropriate? Not trying to grow oranges up in the rain forest or Rhodies down in the desert? No polar bears down in the desert?

Have any more points you'd like to add to the list? Anything you want to discuss?


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