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Name:For Writers of Original Fiction
Location:United States of America
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Welcome to the Writers Loft, an original fiction community for talking about the writing process, troubleshooting troublesome writing problems, brainstorming, seeking beta readers, getting opinions on something you are working on and asking questions about writing and the business of writing.

Discussions are great and very much encouraged. If you want to get an opinion on something you are working on or if you are having a wrestling match with 20 evil plot bunnies all at once and need to narrow your choice down to one or two this is the place for you. Maybe your story took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and you need help figuring out where things went wrong this is the place for you. If you need to test out a piece of your world building or if you need to run a character by other eyes to check for Mary Sue/Gary Stuishness this is the place for you. Welcome.

There will be regular features like character building and world building food for thought exercises that may be useful for original fiction and fanfic writers. Please note, however, that this community is geared toward original fiction so you will need to utilize one of the many fanfic communities to post your fanfic work.

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