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While I'm not a huge reader of romance novels myself, I know plenty of people who are. And when a friend forwarded me this New York Times article, I was fascinated at the e-book trend.

“They are not always something that you are comfortable holding in your hand in public,” Ms. Wendell said.

So she began reading e-books, escaping the glances and the imagined snickers from strangers on the subway, and joining the many readers who have traded the racy covers of romance novels for the discretion of digital books.

This is a pretty fascinating use for e-books and really gives romance fans the ability to read wherever they like without worrying about what people think. It makes me wonder now what other genres or reading material may show a surge in e-book sales as the digital readers become more popular.
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These 'Building' posts are mainly food for thought and to help trigger the creative brain in figuring out characters and world building. You can answer the questions in the comments here or in your own personal journal or not at all, this isn't mandatory. I hope people choose to post their answers here because it is fun and interesting to see how other people see their characters and worlds. If you do choose to post your responses in your own journal please put a link back to this community with it. The more members and participation we have the more fun this will be.

This will probably be of more use to those working in non modern Earth settings.


For your primary culture, city, or country.

1. What are the social views on slavery?
2. What are the social views on magic or science?
3. What are the social views on sexual behavior, relationships, marriage, same sex partners?
4. What are the social views on the treatment of children? On having or preventing conception?
5. Are there defined gender roles or a gender status?
6. Is there a class system? Or caste system?
7. How are the non dominant race, species or minorities viewed and treated?

Interview with your main character, key character and or villain.
(Keep in mind that the character may not have the same views as society or even the other characters and that's ok, everybody sees things differently).

In your character's voice answer the following questions:

1. How do feel about slavery?
2. How do you feel about magic? Science?
3. What are your views about sexual behavior, relationships, marriage, same sex partners?
4. How do you feel about children?
4a. Plan on having any children, being careful, don't care if you make any or not?
5. How do you feel about your society's gender roles and or status?
6. How do you feel about your class or status in your society?
7. Are you one of the dominant races or species?
7a. How do you feel about the other races and species?
7b. How do you treat the other races and species?
7c. How are you treated by the other races and species?


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